It comes with grave anticipation that the gangrenous gang at the Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade are ready to audaciously announce that this years’ annual celebration will be in its 13th year running amok in the streets of Toronto!

With this superstitiously special anniversary, we are putting out a call to all of the creatures of the night, all the crypt kids, the gutter lurkers, and the bog dwellers to come out and make this one the Fear of the Year! All ages and monsters are welcome as always, bring along a friend, a fiend, the kids, the pets, anyone who loves a horrific good time to Nathan Phillips Scare and join in all of the undead fun!


Don’t forget that The Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade is always free to attend, the most fun you can have being dead anywhere on the face of the Earth (or below for that matter)!


Be sure to keep your eyes in their sockets and tuned into our website, our Facebook page, and or Twitter for updates, contests, makeup tips, and all around zombie fun throughout the year!


Sign up for our ghoulish newsletter and stay in the graveyard track! If you’re interested in sponsorships, vendor opportunities, or to volunteer in helping our Thirteen Year be the most cataclysmically brain explodingly awesome one yet, run, don’t walk, to your email and write us at info@torontozombiewalk.com!


Let’s make the 13th Annual Toronto Zombie Walk the most fortunately frightening one yet! They’ll be talking about this one for unlives to come! Be there or be worm food!



The 13th Toronto Zombie Walk & Halloween Parade



October 24th, 2015

Meet at 12pm

Walk at 3pm

Nathan Phillips Square

Deadliest Fiends,


Get your glitter blood and human hair boas ready, we are currently putting together a group of undeadlings to walk in this year’s Toronto Pride Parade on June 28th at 2pm!


If you want to be a zombassador for the Toronto Zombie Walk and lurch with us please write info@torontozombiewalk.ca and join us for the biggest party in the city.


*subject to TZWs approval into the Pride Parade.

Do you drag your family from the catacombs each year to march with the dead, or sit in your coffin all year long pondering how to adorn yourself with gore?


We want to hear your

TZW story or tradition!


Each month a new story will be featured on our website and Facebook page. So send those stories and a picture to tiffany@torontozombiewalk.ca.


We look forward to reading all your gory stories!

NOW Magazine's Runner Up for Best Free Community Event!


Thanks to your votes and ongoing support we are pleased to announce that we won Runner Up for "Best Free Community Event" voted by the readers of Now Magazine!


We at the board of directors would like the thank the volunteers, people who attend and support the event, our sponsors, the charities we work with, and the people who voted for us. With out all your help and support we would never been able to achieve something like this.


The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) doesn’t currently list “zombies” as a species at risk. But this year’s Toronto Zombie Walk is going a little “batty” to help out a species whose populations may soon be:  Canada’s bats!   October 25th, CWF will be the charity of choice at the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk as thousands of zombies join the annual “march of the macabre” through the downtown core.


In conjunction with the CWF Help the Bats initiative, participating zombies and curious spectators will be encouraged to lend their financial support to the respected conservation organization in its efforts to save Canadian bats from white nose syndrome (WNS), a disease that is decimating their populations. Some species, like the Little Brown Bat, can decline by 90 to 100 per cent when infected by WNS.


Bats are a much-maligned and misunderstood member of the mammal family, often feared for the mistaken belief they are the scary blood-sucking creatures of Hollywood lore. To the contrary, bats are highly intelligent and they consume a large number of insects, making them an important ally to agriculture and forestry partners.


     Look for the CWF tent on site at this year’s TZW to drop off donations, win prizes and learn more about bats!


For full details, visit www.helpthebats.ca.






Funding provided by the Government of Ontario